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Dorset Council briefing - Climate and Environmental Emergency

The Dorset Council has declared a Climate Emergency and is being urged to recognise that this is also an emergency for Dorset’s ecology and environment.

This emergency calls for fresh thinking and a new strategic vision about the linked challenges of climate emergency, environment, and ecology. Dorset’s exceptional biodiversity, geodiversity and landscape diversity are spectacular and world class. They are a vital national as well as local asset. Yet Dorset’s environment and wildlife continue to suffer degradation and remain under serious continuing pressure. Climate change makes them even more vulnerable. But it can also stimulate fresh thinking.

We cannot lose these jewels in the crown. A National Park, as a close and supportive partner of the Dorset Council, communities and other stakeholders, would help all of Dorset to meet the linked challenges as well as contribute to fresh thinking on the opportunities a green and more sustainable economy can offer for our communities and businesses, including farmers. A National Park would attract new investment, jobs and skills and bring additional government funding for a shared agenda. It would promote health & wellbeing and help to raise awareness and understanding of the linked challenges we face. A National Park would work with all partners to reverse ecological decline and invest in and enhance our environment, natural capital and ecosystem services such as clean water and carbon capture in soils and woodland. It would work with councils and others to develop sustainable policies, for example for transport, energy and tourism.

Our world class environment is Dorset’s greatest asset. A National Park, core funded by central government, can help conserve and enhance this asset for the benefit of our communities and economy and the nation. We need the government to approve a National Park which is well-resourced to work with the Dorset Council, communities and other partners to address the challenges we face together.

Image courtesy of Tim Arnold

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