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The Economic Benefits of a Dorset National Park

This report by Cumulus Consulting outlines the benefits that National Park designation could deliver for Dorset’s economy. It assembles and summarises evidence from a range of sources to make a compelling case for a National Park that would benefit all of Dorset.

It notes, for example, how a National Park would strengthen Dorset’s brand, providing major opportunities for a range of businesses, how it would strengthen efforts to attract inward investment as well as secure increased government resources and how it would be a strategic partner and delivery agent for the Dorset Council and LEP. The report notes how a National Park would add value to the county’s tourism offer and facilitate sustainable growth across the county, provide opportunities for landowners, farmers and add value to rural businesses.

Sustainable economic development depends on a modern, robust yet enabling planning framework that facilitates development while protecting and strengthening the natural capital on which the economy depends. The report notes how a Dorset National Park would facilitate sustainable development through its planning role and strengthen the delivery of rural services and local homes for local people.

It concludes that: The proposed Dorset National Park presents an exceptional opportunity for residents, businesses and investors whether in the county, in neighbouring areas or thinking of locating to Dorset. It will safeguard and enhance Dorset’s exceptional natural assets and will unlock a wide range of economic benefits and opportunities for the whole county and neighbouring areas.

Now is the time - with the ongoing Glover Review - for all those with an interest in and responsibility for growing Dorset’s economy to come together and support a Dorset National Park for the benefit of the county and the country.

Read the full report HERE

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