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Landscapes Review: Government Consultation

The Government published on 15th January its response to the 2019 report of the Glover Review of Landscapes.

The consultation that the Government has now initiated seeks views on how designated landscapes (National Parks and AONBs) can do even more to bring people closer to nature, enhance the environment and boost biodiversity, improve mental and physical wellbeing and support local communities and economies. We welcome this consultation.

The Dorset National Park Team contributed evidence to the Glover Review and welcomed its recommendation that Dorset, with the Chilterns and Cotswolds, be seriously evaluated for National Park status. We welcome the Government’s support for Natural England’s landscape designation programme and the more collaborative process to designate new National Parks and AONBs which this involves. The team accepted last year an invitation from Natural England to be involved in the further assessment of the Dorset & East Devon National Park proposal which has been shortlisted for further evaluation. As part of renewed discussions with Natural England, the team looks forward to working with a wide range of individuals and organisations to provide expert, evidence-based inputs to this next stage of the evaluation process.

We welcome the government’s proposal to give National Park Partnerships, working with local authorities, increased powers to help manage visitor pressures, including traffic, to make National Parks even better places to live in and visit.

We support the Government’s ambition to ensure that such special areas as Dorset will be in a better condition for future generations. We know this aim is widely shared.

Dorset National Park Team

January 2022

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