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New leaflet on how a Dorset National Park can help all of Dorset

The Government wants to create new National Parks.

A new leaflet highlights how a Dorset National Park can help all of Dorset:

  • Address the challenges of climate, nature and health.

  • Deliver a successful, greener future for our communities and economy.

  • Increase local community involvement and democratic accountability.

  • Attract additional resources, investment and jobs.

  • Build the homes local communities need and can afford.

  • Support farmers to secure new farm funding and diversify their income.

  • Support the health and well-being of all who live and work in this very special part of England.

A Dorset National Park, run by local people and working in partnership with the Dorset Council, local communities, business organisations, farmers and others, would benefit all of Dorset and the nation.

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