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Summer 2020 Newsletter

In this Newsletter (download here):

  • Michael Dower notes why National Parks are as important today as they were 75 years ago when his father, John Dower, recommended they be established as part of a post-WW2 vision for a better world;

  • We congratulate the South Downs National Park on what they have achieved in the first 10 years and welcome their priorities for the future;

  • We preview a new report on Youth Engagement, Health and Well-being and the achievements of National Parks in addressing these issues;

  • We chart a path towards a better future where a National Park in partnership with the Dorset Council and other partners would bring additional resources and expertise to help deliver a shared agenda Dorset-wide, creating opportunities and addressing the environmental and economic challenges we face together, and helping to secure a thriving, prosperous and sustainable future for our communities, economy and environment.

We hope you enjoy this Newsletter. For more information and to be kept in touch, visit Contact us at:

Keep well and best wishes from all at the Dorset National Park Team

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