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The Team and our Partners

The Team is composed of many individuals across the proposed National Park area. Members are not representatives of organisations noted against their names.

Peter Anderson – Software Engineer, Wool

Rev Handel Bennett – Sid Vale Association, East Devon

Peter Bowyer – Chair, Studland Parish Council

Colin Brixton – Purbeck Society

Sandra Brown – former Chair of the Council/Campaign for National Parks

Richard Brown –Trustee, Purbeck Art Weeks Festival

Nick Cake –  Wareham Hemsbach Society; former Councillor, Purbeck DC

Lindsay Carrington – Ecologist

Laurie Clark – General Manager, NT Purbeck Estate

Nicola Daniel – Otter Valley Association, East Devon

Alan Darrant – Sid Vale Association, East Devon

Collette Drayson – Parish Councillor

Ian Duckworth- retired environmental educator and manager

Richard Ely – Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce, East Devon

Steve Etches – Head of Collections, The Etches Collection, Kimmeridge Museum

Deirdre Flegg – Dorset Long Distance Walkers’ Association

Bob Foster – Chair, Swanage & Purbeck Development Trust

William Gueterbock – West Dorset

Richard Heaslip – Dorset CPRE Trustee, East Dorset

Renny Henderson – the RSPB

Dr Denise Hewlett –  University lecturer

John Holiday – Chair, Dorset CPRE Forum, North Dorset

Dr Rob Jayne – Film-Maker and Mental Health, West Dorset

Dr Paul Kelly – Public Health, Weymouth

Dr John Larkin – Dorset CPRE Trustee, Minerals and Waste Adviser, Purbeck

Mari Larthe – recent lawyer, Dorset and UK

Jane Lewis – Purbeck

Paul Loudoun – Farmer, Wilkswood Dairy Farm Shop

Helen Mann – General Manager, NT West Dorset

Dr Philip Mansel – Smedmore Estate

Barrie Mayes – Purbeck

Charles Miller – Consultant Engineer

Peter Neal – Chair, The Sherborne and District Society

John Newman – The Sherborne and District Society

Richard Nichols – Chair, Dorset CPRE & West Dorset CPRE

Colin Nunn – Dorset Wildlife Trust

Don Nutt – Sustainable Transport, Dorset Local Access Forum

Doug Pigg – Portland

Gerald Rigler – Chair, Purbeck & Poole CPRE

Julian Sawyer – Wildlife photographer

Keith Southern – Purbeck National Trust Association

Bill Trite – Councillor, DCC, Purbeck District and Swanage TC

David Tucker – Museum Director, Lyme Regis, West Dorset

Julien Turner – North Dorset

Douglas Tweddle – Business and Economy

Janet Watts – Writer, formerly BBC

Mike White – Chairboy Marketing & Design Services

Mike Whitwam – Councillor, Purbeck DC, Swanage TC; Swanage Heritage Railway Trust

Dr Danielle Wootton – University lecturer, West Dorset

Many other individuals including Dorset, District, Parish and Town Councillors have expressed their support for the proposed National Park. Expressions of support include those from:

Prof Dennis Brunsden – Geomorphologist, initiator of Jurassic Coast World Heritage designation
“We were delighted when the Jurassic Coast became Britain’s first and only natural World Heritage Site – a well-deserved honour. Becoming a National Park is the logical next step in valuing and safeguarding this area’s fabulous natural assets.”

Edward Fox – Actor
“This is a great opportunity and well-deserved recognition for the Dorset and East Devon landscape and heritage. National Park status would attract visitors and bring new funding opportunities. We would benefit from a more joined-up and sensitive approach to valuing and caring for our world-class environment. The area narrowly missed designation as a National Park after the Second World War. This second chance must not be missed.”

Prof James Lovelock – Author
“The proposed National Park has an important part to play in protecting Dorset and the Jurassic Coast.”

Jon Snow – Broadcaster, Cycling UK President
“Life is like a cake. This area is one of the cherries on the icing on the cake.”

Many organisations have expressed their interest and support. The following are a selection:

The National Trust in Dorset

National Trust Associations


Dorset Wildlife Trust

Dorset CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England)

Otter Valley Association

Purbeck Society

Sid Vale Association

Ramblers Association and local groups including East Dorset Ramblers and East Devon Ramblers

Dorset Long Distance Walkers’ Association

Cycling UK

Open Spaces Society

John Muir Trust

The Butterfly Society

British Moths Society

Bournemouth University

Arts & Health South West

Swanage Heritage Railway Trust

Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce

Swanage Chamber of Commerce

The Caravan and Camping Club

Portland Town Council

RSA (Royal Society for the Arts, Manufacture and Commerce) Fellowship, South Central Region

Wareham Town Trust

The work of the team is funded by its members

and the team is investigating forming a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC).

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